WordPress Security Service: Keep Your Site Safe and Secure

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that is used by millions of people around the world. However, WordPress websites are also a common target for hackers. There were 4.3% of WordPress sites that were hacked. Source: Sucuri
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Almost 1 in every 25 WordPress sites has been hacked.Let us Protect your Website
Our WordPress Security Service can help you keep your website safe and secure. We offer a comprehensive suite of security features, including
pastedImageFirewall ProtectionOur team will install and configure a robust firewall on your website to prevent unauthorised access, block malicious traffic, and enhance overall security.
pastedImageDaily Malware ScanningLet our experts set up daily malware scanning for your website, providing you with timely alerts and protection against potential security threats and vulnerabilities.
Security AlertIntrusion DetectionWe will set up Intrusion Detection on your website, so in case someone attempts to bruteforce login or hack, you'll receive notifications and have their IP blocked for enhanced security.
Automated BackupsAutomated BackupsSecure your website's data with our daily Automated Backup setup service. In case of any mishap, you can always restore your website to a previous version with ease.
Spam protectionSpam Protection
Shield your website from unwanted spam with our Spam Protection setup service. Our experts will configure your site to prevent automated spam comments and contact form submissions.
pastedImageUpdate and MaintenanceWe will perform routine updates on your website's plugins and themes as well as conduct security maintenance to ensure your website remains safe and secure.
1000+— Website Secured
Daily— Backup
100%— Hacked Proof
Daily— Malware Scan
Why Your Website Needs Protection

The Importance of WordPress Security

WordPress is a popular website-building platform that's often targeted by hackers. If your website isn't properly secured, it may be vulnerable to threats that compromise important data, harm its reputation, or even bring it down entirely. For this reason, WordPress security is extremely important. You can safeguard your website against attacks and ensure that it remains trustworthy and secure for both you and your visitors.
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Full WordPress Website Backup
Pricing for all kind of Security Security is not a one-time thing. However, if it's a personal or small website, you can opt for the Security plan only. Otherwise, choose the Security and Maintenance plan.
Only Security This is for the small website owners who don't need regular maintenance.$99.00What's included
One time security setup
Security plugin install
Backup plugin install
Secure now
Security and MaintenanceIf you also looking for regular maintenance.$149.00/yearWhat's included
Security and Backup setup
Unlimited malware cleanup
Monthly Security maintenance
Secure now
Security, Maintenance and Optimisation This package will make sure your website always secure and load fast.
$199.00/yearWhat's included
Security, Backup and caching
Unlimited malware cleanup
Monthly Security and Optimisation
Secure now