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It can handle all your WordPress Updates, Cleanup, Backup automatically. With just a click, our plugin will optimize your site for maximum efficiency, faster loading times, reduce storage uses, and better website security. leaving you with more time to focus on what matters most - your business.

CleanWP Pro - The ultimate WordPress cleaner plugin
The Ultimate Solution for a Faster, More Efficient WordPress SiteWe know that website speed and performance is essential for your online success. That's why we've created the ultimate solution to help you achieve junk free, secure and optimal website performance.
pastedImageDashboard CleanerSimplify your Wordpress experience with Dashboard Cleaner. This feature cleans up your dashboard, removing unnecessary menus and widgets for a cleaner interface.
pastedImageFull Website Backup and RestoreOur one-click full Backup and Restore feature enables you to take backups whenever you need them. This ensures that your data is always safe and secure.
pastedImageWordPress Junks CleanerSimplify your WordPress site maintenance. Get rid of unnecessary data, including post revisions, spam comments, orphan data, terms, plugins, and themes, with one easy click.
pastedImageRemove Unused MediasYour website taking too much storage? Safely remove unused media files and free up valuable storage space on your WordPress site with our powerful plugin feature.
pastedImageMonitor WordPress integrity
Protect your WordPress site from malicious attacks and keep it running smoothly with our powerful WordPress Integrity Monitor. Verify whether any official WordPress core files have been modified.
pastedImageAuto Update and CleanUpThe auto cleanup feature will remove all junk data from your WordPress website, and the auto-update feature will always keep everything up to date, saving time on website maintenance.
pastedImageFiles Cleaner
Effortlessly manage your WordPress files with our powerful file manager. Easily locate and remove outdated, unnecessary files from your dashboard to optimize performance and storage usage.
pastedImageCSS/JS CleanerOptimize your WordPress website's performance in seconds with the CSS/JS Cleaner feature that removes unnecessary CSS and JavaScript files. Reduce website size and improve load times.
2000+— Active Installation
99%— Maintenance Free
100%— Non techie Friendly
99%— Websites Compatible
Automatic MaintenanceSave times on maintaining your WordPress websiteCleanWP Pro is a powerful tool that can help ensure that your website functions smoothly and safely.
One of CleanWP Pro's important features is its regular auto-cleanup, that helps in clearing up unused files and data from your website's database and file system. This improves your website's functionality while lowering the risk of vulnerabilities in security.
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Save times on maintaining your WordPress website
The All-in-One Database Cleaning and Optimization Plugin
Clean Everything

The All-in-One Database Cleaning and Optimization Plugin

CleanWP Pro is a feature-rich plugin that provides a number of tools to assist website owners in cleaning and optimising their databases.

A variety of tools are available through CleanWP Pro to assist website owners in cleaning and optimizing their databases, including the removal of spam and unapproved comments, trashed comments, orphaned comments metadata, unused terms, duplicate users metadata, expired transients, post revisions, and auto-drafts, as well as improving database performance.
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Backup your website data

Full Website Backup just a Click away

With only one click with CleanWP Pro, you can backup your whole database or Files and Folders. You can also schedule automatic database backups whenever it's convenient for you. These backups will be kept on your hosting account and sent to you through email so that you can keep them secure.
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Full WordPress Website Backup
CleanWP Pro Plugin Trusted by Popular WebsitesBoost Your Website's Performance with CleanWP ProJoin the Ranks of Successful Websites with CleanWP Pro: Trusted by Popular Wordpress Websites Everywhere!
How it worksCleaning up a WordPress website has never been easier!
1 — Install and ActivateFirst, you'll need to Download the CleanWP Pro plugin and install it on your website. You can do this by going to your WordPress dashboard, navigating to the plugins section, and then selecting "Add New". From here, upload the CleanWP Pro plugin and activate it.
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Install and Activate CleanWP Pro
2 — Go to the plugin dashboardOnce you've installed and activated the CleanWP Pro plugin, you can navigate to the plugin dashboard by going to your WordPress dashboard and selecting "CleanWP Pro" from the left-hand menu. This will bring up the main dashboard for the plugin, which provides you with various Tools for cleaning and optimizing your website.
CleanWP Pro Dashboard page
3 — Clean manually or set automatic clean and backupFrom the CleanWP Pro dashboard, you can choose to clean your website manually or set up automatic cleaning and backups. To clean your site manually, select a tab, view and the click on the red "Delete" button, which will clean the data instantly in background.
If you'd like to automate the cleaning process, you can set up a schedule for automatic cleaning and backups within the plugin settings.
Easy WordPress website cleanup with CleanWP Pro
Pricing for all kind of businessesClean up any WordPress website easily and boost its performance by choosing the plan that fits your business.
Single siteIf you have only one website you can choose this plan.$59.99What's included
Install on single website
All features included
1 year of updates and support
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FreelancerIf you have multiple websites choose this plan.$99.99What's included
Install on 5 websites
All features included
1 year of updates and support
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AgencyIf you are an Agency choose this plan to install CleanWP Pro on 50 of Websites.
$199.99What's included
Install on 50 websites
All features included
1 year of updates and support
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TestimonalsWhat people say about CleanWP Pro
"A must have WordPress plugin for your blog, it's really saves time on cleaning WordPress junk.”
"I was struggling to keep my website clean and optimized until I came across CleanWP Pro Plugin. It's simply amazing! It removed all the unwanted clutter and boosted my website speed. Now, my visitors have a seamless browsing experience."
Sarah JohnsonDigital Marketer
"CleanWP Pro Plugin has saved me so much time and hassle with its automated backup and clean up features. Highly recommend!"
Mark DavisEntrepreneur
"When my hosting account warned me about exceeding the storage limit, I was in a panic. But then I found CleanWP Pro Plugin, which helped me optimize my website and reduce its storage usage. I'm grateful for this plugin, as it saved me from losing potential customers."
James ParkerSmall Business Owner
"As a blogger, I upload a lot of images and media to my website regularly. However, I never realized how much of it was just sitting there unused and taking up valuable storage space. CleanWP Pro Plugin helped me clean up all the unused media and files in just few clicks. It's a must-have plugin for bloggers!"
Maria RodriguezTravel Blogger
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Download CleanWP ProCleanWP Pro Plugin is the only WordPress plugin you need for cleaning up and backing up your website. Its powerful automation features make it easy to keep your site running smoothly without any manual effort on your part.
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Frequently asked questionsAnswers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning CleanWP Pro's features and functioning
— Why should I use a plugin to clean up junk data in WordPress?
CleanWP Pro is a reliable and powerful WordPress plugin that can assist you in improving the performance of your website.
CleanWP Pro will remove unnecessary content like spam comments, post/pages revisions, unused medias and other unused content might cause your website to operate slowly. The speed and overall effectiveness of your site can be increased by using CleanWP Pro to get rid of this clutter.
— Can CleanWP Pro be configured to run on a schedule or automatically?
Yes, you can set up CleanWP Pro to run automatically or on a schedule. You can configure the plugin to clear out unnecessary data and perform database backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This saves you time and effort because you won't have to remember to manually clean up your website.

If you have a busy site with lots of information being uploaded often, the scheduling option is quite helpful. By automating the procedure, you can maintain the optimization and clutter-free website without worrying about manually doing the cleanup process yourself.
— Will the plugin work on all WordPress Websites?
Yes. It should be compatible with the majority of current WordPress versions because it will run on any website running WordPress version 5 or later and PHP version 7.4 or later.
— How does the plugin clean up unused media files from my WordPress site?
CleanWP Pro first analyzes your site's media library and compares it to the images, videos, and other media files that are actually being used on your site. It identifies any files that are not used on any post, page, or custom post type.

When the plugin detects any unwanted media files, it gives you the option to review them all and select which ones you want to delete. You can choose to delete all of the unnecessary files at once or one by one. Additionally, you can add media to an Ignore list if you think it should not be deleted or used elsewhere.
— Is the plugin compatible with other plugins?
Absolutely. Following best practises for WordPress core functioning, CleanWP Pro is created to function well with other plugins. This includes compatibility with popular cache and backup plugins, offering a hassle-free experience when using CleanWP Pro together with other plugins to improve your website.
— Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
We are pleased to provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for CleanWP Pro to all of our clients. Simply ask for a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase if you're unhappy with the way our product performs. Although our team is dedicated to making sure that our customers get the best outcomes when using CleanWP Pro, we acknowledge that not everyone will find it to be a perfect fit. This guarantee gives our devoted customers peace of mind because we stand behind our product.